Robot Features

Beauty in design and brilliance in engineering.

The Guts

Below you can pick apart our product and see for yourself what makes using Purifad so effective.

Powerful LEDs

Two DVR Cameras

This feature allows the robot operator to navigate underneath the UFAD  space via live video feed. Throughout the entire service, this video is recording onto a 32 gigabyte hard drive that will be made available to the customer for quality assurance.

Four LED Lights

To preserve our ability to record and navigate throughout the raised access floor area, LED lights are mounted at the front and rear of the robot. These types of lights are extremely bright to allow for exceptional video footage from our DVR enabled cameras.

Exhaust Displacement System

To prevent air exhaust from disrupting existing dust and debris in the UFAD  space, the robot was engineered with an exhaust displacement system. This distributes exiting air across channels along the robot that displaces the air’s velocity to eliminate disruption.

Remote Command Center

Remote Controlled Command Center

Our remote controlled command center allows the robot operator to maneuver the robot via laptop and remote control. The command center is equipped with high frequency transmitters and receivers that allow the robot to be controlled approximately 150 feet away from the operator.

Grid-Based Mapping System

Purifad has incorporated a grid-based mapping system that allows the robot operator to keep track of his position in the UFAD  plenum in real time. This also allows our team to accurately pinpoint areas that require our service technicians to locate and remove particular threats to the facility’s indoor air quality.

Four Angled Rotating Brushes

Purifad’s robot vacuum has been engineered with four angled rotating brushes. They sweep dirt, dust and debris in a V shaped pattern, routing it directly toward our high powered suction area. The two side-mounted brushes of the robot also allow it to clean the space between aluminum posts underneath the floor.

Air-Filled Tires

Cyclone Dust Bin

Purifad’s  robot has been engineered with a cyclone dust bin air intake system that swirls air around the outer edge of the bin, compressing debris downward and forcing clean air upward into the HEPA system.

Air-Filled Tires

Four, air filled tires give our robot the ability to travel over Cat5 and other wires and obstacles with ease while preventing damage to its surroundings. These tires also give the robot 360° turning ability.

HD Camera

An additional camera is mounted at the front of the robot to provide customers with quality HD footage of particular concerning areas underneath the floor (for instance, areas with mice infestation).