Incredible Savings

Purifad cleans over 26x faster than a human performing the same task. That's time and money saved for you to spend on what actually matters.


The Bank of America Tower at One Bryant Park in New York stands at whopping 2.3 million square feet.  Approximately half of this space is occupied by Bank of America and uses Underfloor Air Distribution.  This solidifies One Bryant Park as one of the largest UFAD systems in the world.  Prior to Purifad, the only maintenance option available on the market was manual plenum vacuuming. This meant that cleaning crews would have to remove tiles throughout the building at a rate of approximately 1 floor tile every 36 ft2. Purifad removes on average 1 floor tile every 8,000 ft2 at a cleaning rate of 1,000 ft2 per hour.

Purifad's Prices Average Just 1/3 Of Our Competitors' Prices!

Maintenance Feasability

In the past, conducting periodic maintenance was impractical.  In 2009, about 8 million square feet of government Raised Floor HVAC was under scrutiny, labeling “accumulation of inert biological matter and pest infestation in the raised-floor plenum” as a major cause of indoor air quality issues. Purifad delivers the practical accessibility and economic feasibility that facility professionals need to ensure that their UFAD Systems are properly cleaned and maintained on a regular basis.

Energy Savings

One of the easiest benefits to document is how HVAC maintenance affects energy efficiency. Facilities in which proper HVAC maintenance is completed will use at least 15 to 20 percent less energy than those where systems are allowed to deteriorate; the savings of which can be affected by as little as .042 inches of accumulation!

Having a Plan

Purifad’s services offer added value with factors such as extended equipment life, reduced energy use, less frequent system downtime, and decreased interruptions to building operations.
Organizations that have implemented comprehensive maintenance programs find that their total costs can be as much as 50 percent lower than the costs for those organizations that continue maintain equipment reactively.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

The operating condition of HVAC equipment is critical to indoor air quality. A well-maintained system will not only protect occupants from poor IAQ, but also may protect the organization from complaints, litigation, adverse publicity, potential code violations or any other fathomable adverse effect of poor IAQ  — all of which can have an impact on the bottom line.

Peace of Mind

Purifad provides customers with a service certification that their floors have been cleaned and maintained. The length and type of certification varies depending on the contract duration and the maintenance program selected. This certification can be used to show that, in the event a liability issue arises, your facility has practiced due diligence and is engaged in a proactive maintenance program.