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Purifad got its roots from a commercial cleaning company that had been in business for over 40 years. After repeated requests from customers to find a better solution for cleaning raised access flooring, we decided to take action. With the help of an international team of engineers, we’ve developed and patented a robotic cleaning machine made specifically for this environment.

“At the completion of construction, the (raised floor) plenum surfaces are sealed and thoroughly cleaned. However, over time they may become contaminated with airborne dust, insect colonies, vermin, microbial growth, moisture, or other foreign materials.”

USGSA Guideline for Raised Floor Systems

Purifad, LLC has invented the world’s first raised access floor (RAF) cleaning robot. Many raised floor environments utilize the space below for cable distribution and HVAC (UFAD). Over time, these spaces can become contaminated. Purifad’s robots simultaneously clean, record video footage and map out the area below a raised floor.  Robot technicians can efficiently identify and remove contaminants that threaten a building’s indoor air quality. Purifad’s technology gives our company the ability to provide a service that saves customers on average over 50% of the costs compared to conventional cleaning, maintenance, and churn methods.

Your Eyes And Ears Below

Our floor-mapping software is one that was developed with our customers in mind. It guarantees that the technician keeps an active record of which areas were serviced, maps the entire floor area, and most importantly marks emergency problem areas that may need immediate attention. Our company’s service is more than a line item; it is an opportunity to protect your facility from any threats associated with unmaintained raised access floors while maintaining documentation of your service as proof of your due diligence.

Our Mission

With over 40 years experience in the building services industry, our team has the passion and skill necessary for delivering an exceptional service that is tailored to the specific needs of each facility we encounter. Our mission is to spread awareness of the importance of RAF maintenance, to build & maintain strong, personal customer relationships, to provide customers with a quality service that they can afford, and to continue to develop innovative, disruptive robotic technologies that serve this market.